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Simmal has been serving multiple sectors since 1983. In that time, we have built a portfolio of customers from blue-chip multinationals to single-owner businesses. Our diverse base of customers has come to rely on our reputation for honesty, integrity and sound financial backing. We continue to grow our business, distributing metals throughout both the UK and Europe.

We are the only independent UK aluminium stockholder with in-house machining capabilities. In addition, we are a market leader in bespoke aluminium extrusions and machined, extruded components. Many of these products are shipped ex-stock as finished items. Our engineering team can work with you, using cost-effective engineering to provide a design and supply solution that is tailored to your needs.

We have invested in a wide range of standard stock extrusion and sheets. From aluminium flat bars, and round tubes to angles and channels, we’re confident we source the exact size and alloy you require. For all stock items, we are proud to be able to deliver nationally to many of our customers within 24 hours of receiving their order. Such items are shipped straight from our 6500m2 distribution centre right here in Preston. Visit our product catalogue today to find and purchase your aluminium.

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As one of the UK’s premier aluminium stockholders, we offer a wide range of industrial products and services. We offer many metal products including those made from aluminium and other metals. Our expert engineers can also provide additional services including design and developmental work, machining and fabrication.

For more information, please browse our website or call us on 01772 324277.


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