Quality Aluminium Component Design by Simmal

Simmal’s engineers are experts in aluminium component design and manufacturing. Below, you’ll find details about our processes and how we can help your project.

Extrusion (Al, Mg, Ti)

Extrusion is our raw material. By working together with our customers during the design phase, Simmal is able to introduce innovative ideas early in the development of a component to maximise the functionality of the profile.

As a metal stockholder, our ability to globally source our extrusion gives Simmal a far greater choice of precision, size and quantity than dealing with any one extrusion source. This allows Simmal the opportunity to maximise the benefits from the extrusion technologies available which can often make it possible to reduce the costs involved.

We often work together with our customers during the development phase of new products and our engineers and professional sales team will be glad to help and advise you with regard to profile design.

Design Considerations

At Simmal we offer our customers the complete product; extrusion, CNC machining and a range of surface finishes. Wherever possible we work together with our customers to obtain the optimum profile design.

Our expertise in working with extrusion allows us to suggest the use of complex shape and features within the profile to eliminate machining steps and, thus often reduces the cost of the component.

For instance, extruding a screw thread into the profile eliminates drilling and tapping, or that a clip can be designed allowing two profiles to ‘snap’ together in order to produce a much larger profile!


Simmal, as you would expect, predominantly supplies part manufactured using aluminium alloy profile, rolled sheet and plate. We offer a range of alloys to suite our customers exacting requirements for every demanding application.

If the alloy or material (yes, we can also source other materials such as magnesium, stainless and titanium) then please contact a member of our sales team.

Finishing and Surface Treatments

Nearly all parts produced at Simmal are supplied to our customers with a specified surface finish such as:

  • Anodising (coloured, hard and PTFE impregnated)
  • Polyester powder, electrophoretic and acrylic wet spray paints
  • Conversion coatings (Iridite NCP and Surtec 650)

See more about our high-quality finishes and treatments here.

We can source many customer specific finishes, so please ask us if you have any queries. We’d love to help!

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