Quality Aluminium Extrusion from Simmal

Aluminium extrusion is our raw material. By working together with our customers during the aluminium design phase, Simmal can introduce innovative ideas early in the development of a component, helping to maximise the functionality of the aluminium profiles.

With more than 30 years of experience within the aluminium industry, Simmal is the hub for all of our specialist aluminium partners. We can source extrusion to any specification, from 3g/m to 25kg/m, from a quantity as little as 10kg for prototyping to batch sizes in excess of 20 tonnes.

All of our aluminium extrusion suppliers are ISO:9001 accredited as a minimum requirement. This helps us to maintain high standards throughout the acquisition, supply and extrusion process.

Where the customer needs to ensure REACH, RoSH, fully traceable serial numbered components or a specific country of origin, Simmal will have the ideal aluminium provider in our global network of specialists.

If you would like to learn more about our associated services, please get in touch with the Simmal team on 01772 324 277.

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