Aluminium Markets

Simmal supplies standard aluminium extrusion, sheet and high-spec machined, finished components from stock, available for 24-hour call off, to many different aluminium markets and sectors.

Aluminium has increased in production and use over the last 50 years. From being expensive to produce to being one of the most commonly used materials in engineering today.  Aluminium is used across a huge range of industries from food packaging and pharmaceuticals, to road transport and aerospace, and to construction and medical.

Aluminium has a number of characteristics which make it ideal for a range of applications.  Today it is used in everything from stationery to planes. Aluminium is strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant. These factors and many more culminate in a versatile material which has a slew of positive attributes.

With the inherent properties of aluminium, combined with our skills, expertise and experience, you can get the perfect product for your specifications.

The products we supply range from small, complex components to large, fully machined profiles destined for the customer in many different market segments with widely differing and unique quality and supply demands.

For more information on how we can help you and get a product which matches your specifications, contact us today.

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