From the first flight of the Wright brothers to the latest spacecraft, aluminium has played a pivotal role in our aerospace market.

The functionality of aluminium within aerospace was thought about before the industry even existed. Due to its light weight and durability, it was the ideal solution to creating a lightweight yet strong frame. However, before electrolysis, manufacturing with aluminium was expensive and limited to smaller pieces.

When the Wright brothers created the first wooden framed biplane, they utilised an aluminium crankcase engine. From this initial flight through to the present day, aluminium has been the mainstay material for aviation and space exploration.

Modern airframes are typically made from around 80% aluminium, giving the strength and durability of much heavier metals and alloys. Over recent years, the focus has been on the development and increased efficiency of casting and manufacturing processes. Creating intricate sections and adapting to designs with ever-increasing complexity is at the heart of the aluminium industry, with Simmal being no different.

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