Architectural Aluminium from Simmal

Aluminium is a vital component in modern construction and architectural projects. Giving increased limitations, aluminium allows for more progressive architecture, as well as giving increased energy efficiency to buildings. This factor is becoming increasingly important.

The first major use of aluminium was within the Empire State Building in New York, and has been used ever since across a variety of styles and building functions. With the complexities and sizes of sections available continually increasing, we can help you get the pieces you need. With larger sections comes reduced costs and increased efficiency – both for the final structure and the construction phase.

Aluminium usage in construction allows for a wider variety of architectural designs. Coupled with more advanced methods with other materials, buildings can incorporate better designs and features than ever before.

In addition to the added strength and durability of aluminium buildings, using this metal also provides environmental benefits. Aluminium reflects infrared rays, which can be used to increase heating efficiency. It is also widely recognised as being a key component in adherence to various green building certifications.

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