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Whether the focus of the automotive industry is performance, reliability, safety or energy efficiency, aluminium can help.

From mass-produced cars to independent builders, whole chassis to the smallest components, aluminium is very often the best material option within the automotive industry. The usage of aluminium has grown over the past 40 years and doesn’t look set to change. Second only to steel as the most-used material in vehicles, aluminium is an industry mainstay.


Due to the decreased weight of aluminium, it allows for thicker panels whilst still having lower weight compared to traditional steel. This lower weight with increased rigidity gives increased safety and better performance across acceleration, braking and handling.


With reduced weight and increased size of body structure, aluminium gives great safety performance. In addition to the increased mass to absorb crash energy, aluminium performs better than steel on equal footings. With only advantages over steel, aluminium is the clear choice for the automotive industry.


More than half a million tonnes of scrap aluminium is recycled each year, which equates to around 90% of automotive aluminium scrap. This creates a huge reduction in the energy needed to manufacture products. In addition to this, the overall running costs of vehicles with aluminium components are extended by around a fifth and increase life cycles by up to 20%.

We have a range of experience within the automative industry. Over our decades of experience, we have dealt with numerous projects within the automotive industry, offering pre-fabricated parts and bespoke designs. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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